Your Key To Success: Dental office marketing strategies of 2023

The digital marketing world is dynamic and ever changing. Trends change, algorithms change, and consumer behavior changes requiring you to update your dental office marketing strategies. 

77% of consumers go online to look for dentists according to a report by Pew Research and 84% of the ‘near me’ searches are carried out on smartphones.

To stay on top of the game you need to have updated dental office marketing strategies. This can become quite tough to keep up with. That is why in this article we discuss time tested digital marketing strategies that help you stay relevant in the ever changing landscape of the internet.

The best dental office marketing strategies that wins you patients

We have listed some of the best dental marketing strategies that will make your online presence stronger, help you win new patients, and retain your current patients.

  • Improve your dental website conversion

Website designs come with short expiration dates and have a shelf life of only a few years in general. But there is more to a website than just its design. You also need to focus on the key features that make your website high converting.

A case in point: You don’t want users to weed through long blocks of text. Websites need to be quick and easy to navigate. Attention spans have become very short and if someone isn’t able to find what they were looking for the moment they land on your webpage then you have lost them. Probably to a competitor.

So always focus on updating and improving your website in order to provide a great user experience and attract more patients.

  • Focus on E.A.T

E.A.T stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness ,and Trustworthiness. Google or any other search engine for that matter, want to ensure that they are recommending trustworthy content in their search results. Google is now scrutinizing the content stringently especially, content belonging to the health and wellness industry.

That is why Content is the King and you should only post quality content to make yourself trustworthy and build your authority. To improve your E.A.T score you should consider posting relevant, expert articles on other websites (Guest Posting), becoming active on social media, and engaging with your local community online.

  • Break through the social media noise

An effective way to break through the social media noise and stand out from your competitors is by getting personal. This doesn’t mean you spill your guts on the internet. Far from it. It means sharing details of your dental office. 

Showcase your dental team and their skills. Show people how you are supporting the community and what patients are saying about you.

Interactive content is another great way to break free from the social media noise. Run a poll on your Facebook page or ask a question that will provide you with valuable insights. 

  • Invest in paid search campaigns

PPC or pay per click like Google Ads provides you with plenty of opportunities to target local residents who are searching on Google to find a new dentist. You are charged a price per click whenever someone clicks your ad. 

Here. you can select the terms you want to target, create personalized ads, and link your ads to a special landing page on your website. It is a great way to increase traffic to your dental website and gain more visibility in a highly competitive zone. 

  • Create and optimize your Google My Business Page

Creating a Google My Business Page is very vital. This GMB listing can become the centerpiece of your local SEO strategy as it is a verified source of information regarding your dental practice. You can put the details of your dental office location, hours, photos a,nd so on.

A complete and robust GMB listing can help your dental office in various Google search experiences increasing your online visibility significantly.

  • Leverage using videos to engage your audience

Did you know that 45% of the people watch more than an hour of Facebook or YouTube videos every week? This means videos are an excellent source of engaging content that you should not overlook. 

Incorporating video into your digital marketing strategy paves way for great user engagement. You can share videos on your website, social media channels or distribute them on other digital media.

Now, just any old video won’t do. Don’t post a video that simply rattles off the dental services you provide either. Instead, go for personal and engaging content that showcases the personality of your dental practice.

  • Get more stellar reviews online

Don’t dismiss online reviews. They are a source of free marketing that actually creates an impact. As more and more people search for services online, they also trust the reviews posted on Google. 

80% of the people trust online reviews as much as recommendations from family and friends. Nearly 50% of the patients would go out of their insurance network for a dentist with excellent reviews.

Google ranks you based on your review rating. For eg: if you have a 3.2 rating and a competitor has a 4.7 rating they will have a better chance of ranking above you.

  • Add your dental office to relevant dental directories

Listing your dental office in relevant dental directories is an essential part of Local SEO strategies. It was found that 25% of the people prefer to use their state dental board or society for their dental needs according to Pew Research. Register in directories like

  • American Dental Association
  • Dentist directory
  • Every Dentist
  • The Dentist Hub

Ensure your listing is complete, accurate and has a name, address and phone number listed. You can also include information such as education, certifications, awards, dental office hours, location and a link to schedule an appointment.

Final Thoughts: Everything begins with the fundamentals

These strategies outlined above are time tested strategies and are fundamental in attracting more leads and patients online. Implementing even a handful of these ideas will let you stay ahead of the competition.

If you find it difficult to use any of these strategies and don’t know how to go about it then you can contact us at Helenzys Dent. We are an exclusive dental digital marketing company and our digital marketing experts will give you the best strategies that will yield results. So, to have an edge over the competition please get in touch with us at the earliest.

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