Which Is Affordable For Dentists: Facebook vs Google Ads Cost

Marketing your dental business requires advertising, but how do you choose which channels employ affordable for dentists either Facebook vs Google Ads cost while aiming for new patients? 

Which Is Affordable For Dentists: Facebook vs Google Ads Cost?

Facebook Ads and Google Pay-Per-Click (PPC) are two of the most popular and successful types of online paid advertising. 

As of 2022, Facebook has around 3 billion monthly active members, while Google receives about 8.5 billion daily searches.

But does one function more effectively than the other? Or does your success depend on the goals you have for your advertisements? The key distinctions between Google and Facebook PPC are outlined here.

What Exactly Is Pay-Per-Click Marketing?

In pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, you are charged a specific amount each time one of your ads is clicked. You have more options to present your company to the target markets you desire when you pay for advertising in this way.

What Does PPC on Facebook Mean for Dentists?

With Facebook Ads, you use the Facebook Ads Manager and Facebook pixel rather than placing bids on terms that people are searching for. With the help of Facebook Ads Manager, you can create your ad, select your campaign budget and schedule, and even create a target audience for people you want your ad to appear.

Comparing push marketing and pull marketing

Facebook and Google PPC both use sponsored advertising, but their objectives are different. Push marketing is done through Facebook PPC, whereas pull marketing is done through Google PPC.

What Is Push Marketing?

Push marketing is used to expose customers to your brand or products. This kind of marketing is far more deliberate and proactive when compared to other inbound techniques.

Because it is a little bit more aggressive than the alternative, push marketing is frequently utilized by businesses trying to capitalize on a brief window of opportunity or generate sales rapidly.

Push marketing can be useful in the following circumstances:

  • Starting a new brand dental office or website without a track record
  • When introducing new services
  • During seasonal or holiday celebrations
  • For sales and transient marketing initiatives
  • When entering a new market niche
  • Swiftly produce cash flow or sales
  • To assist in reducing product inventory before the conclusion of a season
  • To assist in boosting brand recognition against a powerful rival
  • Generally speaking, while trying to fund a multi-channel strategy

Push Marketing – Facebook Ads PPC

Push marketing, such as Facebook PPC, uses less formal advertising to recommend a service to a customer who might be curious or perhaps somewhat in need of a service. When producing Facebook PPC advertising for the clients and only highlighting a service, promotion, or product that sets them apart from the competition.

What is Pull Marketing?

Pull marketing depends on rising organic traffic. Producing worthwhile content that appeals to your target consumers is the goal, in order to draw them to you. Naturally, there is no way to avoid taking action. 

It is the process of capitalizing on the fact that customers are actively searching for the products, services, or information you offer, making it easier for them to find it and accomplish their goals.

The most well-known types of pull marketing are search engine optimization (SEO), original social media posts, and client testimonials. Social media as a business channel has only lately taken off, unlike SEO, which has long established itself as the form of marketing with the most consistent ROI.

Pull marketing is frequently the main commercial strategy for businesses aiming to:

  • Ensure sustained business expansion
  • Maintain supremacy in a certain sector or industry
  • Increase loyalty or increase your base of repeat customers
  • To increase brand awareness and familiarity through consumer interaction
  • Both social media traffic and sharing should be increased.
  • Increase website traffic from social, organic, and referral sources.
  • Without spending a fortune on advertising, increase sales and revenue on a budget.
  • Engage customers early in their purchasing journey, before they have any idea what they want to buy.

Pull Marketing – Google Ads PPC

Pull marketing, such as Google PPC, uses advertising that establishes a sense of urgency or seeks to address an issue that a user is already experiencing.

Because it necessitates keyword research and bidding, Google PPC, pull marketing demands high degrees of strategy. This includes utilizing tools like SEMrush, which can be used for competitive analysis and to check what your rival is doing in terms of keywords and advertising, as well as Google Trends, which displays the search phrases users are using in particular markets.

Do I Use Facebook PPC or Google PPC for My Advertising Budget?

Your goals will determine how you use your PPC money. Paid search is the best course of action if you have a strong demand or ambitious aim, such as building your business quickly. Social advertising is the best course of action if you want to advertise to your community a specific service that doesn’t need to be urgent.

Google PPC Budget 

Google PPC Budget Let’s imagine you’re a dentist trying to attract 20 new patients per month with a $1,000 monthly PPC advertising budget. In this situation, paid search and Google PPC are beneficial for you since these advertisements specifically target potential clients who urgently require your services.

Cost of PPC on Facebook

Facebook PPC is beneficial for a dentist who wants to advertise their practice and distinctive services. Dentists will run “ Save Money and Preserve Health” promotions around this time of year to remind clients of any additional funds and dental benefits they may still have in their health savings accounts. This type of material is beneficial for social advertising since it serves to remind customers about a business without creating an urgent situation.

Facebook is also a great platform for advertising specialized services like Botox and Invisalign. It is practically impossible for a practice to compete for those keywords because Google gives preference to name brands for paid search. However, a business can run PPC adverts for either service on Facebook.

What you intend to achieve with your advertising will determine which style of advertising is better than the other. Ask which PPC kind is best for you and your goals rather than which PPC type is better overall.

Are you actively trying to expand your patient base by targeting individuals who are already looking for a new dentist? The greatest option for you is Google PPC. 

Are you attempting to promote a unique service you provide at your offices, such as braces or whitening trays? For your marketing plan, consider using Facebook PPC.

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