Facebook Ads for Boosting a Dentist’s Business

Why Should Dentists Use Facebook Ads for Business?

With many options available over social media marketing, there is always confusion over which one to choose and the reasons that make it stand apart from the other available options. Giving Ads on good social media platforms adds to the value of the dental services provided by the dentist and this form of marketing is also beneficial since it reaches to lot more people too but it’s important to know how effective this can be achieved.

Let’s try to critically understand in this write-up how and why Facebook Ads can help boost a dentist’s business.

Here are some of the reasons why choosing Facebook Ads is beneficial:

Accurate targeting – The demographic input given on Facebook will narrow the search to target the local audiences and hence it outranks all other social media platforms. Facebook has an option named “Facebook Ads Manager” and it has different options that can be chosen accordingly to create ad campaigns for dental practices.

Finding New Audiences – Facebook Ads help you find new people who have a similar interest in the world of dentistry and Facebook provides options to more specifically mention the specializations in the dental field too. So whether the dentist is an orthodontist, cosmetic surgeon or paediatrician, through this platform you can maximize the reach to the people looking for specific specializations too.

Cost-effective – Advertising on Facebook is cost-effective since the cost per click is less than a dollar. On the contrary, traditional advertising costs more than that. Millions of people browse Facebook daily and the ads are sure to get recognized.

How to Create the Best Facebook Ads

List the Goals

Goal setting is very important since it helps in guiding the dentists on how to progress with the campaign through which the success of the goals can be foreseen. Facebook helps in this goal-making process by:

  • Building awareness for the dental practitioners
  • Helping in reaching out to new customers
  • Driving new patients to the website to know more about the dental practice information
  • Getting leads to messages to know more details about the dental clinic

Focus on the Target Audience

A successful ad campaign is achieved by knowing your audience. So targeting the ones interested in knowing about dental practices can be done by choosing some of the targeting options given by Facebook such as:

  • Lookalike audience – This refers to the audience who share similar interests as the existing audiences (also known as custom audiences)
  • Nature of the audience – Hobbies, income, devise usage and the purchasing patterns of the audience
  • Demography – It refers to the age, gender, location, family background and the location the audience resides.
  • Connected people – When your audience has friends who like your clinic’s page, Facebook would place the dental clinic Ads in their news feed too.
  • Online details of the audience – The Facebook IDs, phone numbers, and address lists uploaded on the site.

Choose the Best Types of the Ads

The different ad types that can be chosen to make attractive ads are images, stories, videos, slideshows and promotional posts. In-depth research about the audience and making the right content for Ads also are very important after choosing the best type of ads.

Creating Pages That Are of High-Quality

To drive more people to the website to convert into leads and also to get future patients for sending a message to your dental website it is important to create a user-friendly navigation that leads to detailed information about the website, profiles of the dental team, recent pictures of the dental clinic and also the staff members, complete contact details of the clinic and also should display proper action buttons used for calling the clinic and also for appointment booking.

Testing The Ads 

Checking the different versions of the Ads is very important to know how they work differently in social media apps.

Step-By-Step Guide for Creating Facebook Ads

  • Click on the Facebook Business page and go to Facebook Ads Manager. Here you can find options to create, run and manage the required reports of the ad campaigns.
  • Knowing the objective of the ad campaign is important and the different objectives that can be the base of the campaign are decision, awareness or consideration.
  • Select the target group you want to reach based on location, interests and demographics.
  • Choose where you want to place the ads on the social media platform. It is suggested to choose “Automatic Placements” on Facebook since its algorithms know the best placement for your dental ads.
  • Select the budget option as “daily budget” or “lifetime budget” to choose the option for the amount to be spent daily or the campaign end date.
  • On choosing the budget the Facebook Ads for dental practices are successfully created.

Keep updating the ads or create a new ad whenever you wish to keep upgrading the marketing strategy. Since it will be majorly targeting mobile users it is extremely important to make it creative enough to catch the attention of the onlookers.


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