9 Things to know about dentists-dental practice marketing strategy

Dental Practice Marketing Strategy

There are still many things that you need to know about dental practice marketing strategy other than traditional marketing.

Many of the conventional kinds of advertising like the yellow pages that dentists have relied on are being replaced by digital marketing. For dentistry marketers, the shift to digital has raised the stakes.

Dental Practice Marketing Strategy

Patient acquisition is very important, according to more than one-third of physicians. Today’s digital age has made potential patients partners in their medical journeys. Here are some digital marketing statistics that every dentist has to be aware of.

We must have heard all kinds of terrible stories from friends who also had trouble finding a dentist, from getting false cavities filled to being billed for a service they didn’t receive. We may all agree that it’s challenging to locate an excellent dentist.

You can realize that finding lots of excellent clientele is challenging as well! Here are some clever marketing suggestions to help potential clients locate your dental practice.

Look at a few of the best dental marketing tactics that are bringing in new clients. 

Facebook ads for local awareness – Dental Social Media

When research was conducted on advertising, Market leader Facebook, which has more than 2.89 billion monthly active users, was the first social media platform to cross one billion registered accounts. It has a very large audience but as the dental practice is a locally targeted business.

Being particular about your target audience is crucial when marketing your dentistry business, even though you want to spread the word about it. You probably shouldn’t be displaying advertisements for your practice outside of a 50-mile radius. Facebook provides options that help you target local traffic around your location.

You may now provide locally pertinent information about your dental practice, such as the address, driving time, hours of operation, and a “Get directions” link, using the new map card for Local Awareness advertisements. Even a call button, which is a simple invitation to schedule an appointment, can be a CTA.

Call Ads For Dental Marketing Practice

Booking an appointment is the primary objective of dentistry marketing or advertising, which is typically accomplished by contacting the practice. On mobile, desktop, and tablet devices, click-to-call ads are accessible through Facebook and Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords). You can either develop call-only campaigns or add this extension to already running advertisements.

Call-Only Mobile Ads

According to Google, a smartphone is used for the majority of healthcare-related queries. Additionally, one in every twenty Google searches is for medical information. With Google Ads’ call-only campaigns, you may design advertisements that are only for mobile devices.

Reminders for Patients Appointments

Appointment reminders, whether they come in the form of a postcard or a phone call, are crucial for ensuring that your patients arrive. Use Google calendar alerts to speed up this procedure, and send email reminders and confirmations for appointments.

These techniques make it simple for you to remind your patients to schedule appointments, like yearly dental cleanings.

Dental Marketing Plan Should Include Remarketing Ads Strategies

It’s common to hear people refer to remarketing as “easy money.” By displaying targeted advertising aimed at re-engaging those potential consumers, it helps you reach people who have visited your website before. 

If you gather email addresses at your dental office or through dental websites, you may use Customer Match on Google Ads and Facebook to benefit from these.

 To establish a remarketing audience, simply upload the email addresses. Then, create an advertisement that would encourage patients to come back to your office, perhaps a reminder for a teeth cleaning or teeth whitening.

Ads on Google Maps For Dentist Websites

A Google maps advertisement may actually direct a potential client to your dentist’s office. Results are displayed on the map and in the search results list when “dentist” is typed into the search bar. These advertisements also feature call and directions CTAs on mobile.

Emergency Keywords Should Be Included In Dental Websites

Imagine the return on investment for keywords like “emergency” or “urgent” if you were trying to attract customers with high intent and immediate demands! 

If the patients look for an “Emergency dentist near me” with the requirement of tooth extraction or a Root canal, but are not able to reach you with a simple means to contact the practice. This results in the risk of receiving a negative rating on Google. 

Yelp Reviews For Dentists practice

A 2022 survey found that in the United States brand awareness of Yelp is at 67%. The reviews and personal recommendations on Yelp are valued. Claim your business on Yelp and it can’t be overstated how important it is. There are probably reviews of your clinic online already, so you should respond to them and verify their correctness. Make sure you’re reaching potential clients because Yelp is where millennials check first when looking for a reputable dentist.

Videos For Great Dental Marketing 

Video marketing is being used more frequently in the healthcare sector. Making people connect with your prospects through a video featuring, actual members of your clinic can result in trust, referrals, and increased appointment requests.

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Your dental office can be promoted in a variety of ways. In the huge world of digital marketing, you can reach out to internet users who are looking for your services. Your brand reputation can be improved via a variety of strategies. A dentist must apply the greatest marketing strategies on the list above to grow their practice.

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