A Complete Guide to Dental Website

What is Dental Website SEO?

If you are new to the world of websites and online business ideas, it is natural for you to feel lost between the usage of keywords such as SEO, website traffic, conversions etc. let us make an easy translation for you to effortlessly understand what is involved in dental SEO.

SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization that consists of strategies to increase the number of visitors to the website that helps get more patients to the dental clinic.

Dental Website SEO is a process through which your dental page will be pushed to a higher ranking to achieve the top spot in SERP(Search Engine Result Page) which can be achieved without any paid ads.

SEO strategies help in bringing your website to the top results in the search engine when a patient checks for the availability of dental services.

There is a genre of dentists who are more focused towards providing the best dental services to patients but are not aware of or interested to look into online marketing for the dental business the fact is that in the era of 2022, it is impossible to ignore the highly beneficial SEO strategies. It is important to know about this topic since the digital world that we live in is more dependent on online marketing that focuses on having dental websites and enhancing them periodically for better rankings and driving more people towards the clinics.

Why Is SEO Important for Dentists?

Now on understanding the meaning of SEO for dentists, it is needed to know why SEO is so critically needed in the current times and you will be surprised to know how compelling results can be achieved just by focusing on it.

Did you know that over 80%-90% of people do not go beyond the first page of Google and over 60%-70% of people just browse only the first five page suggestions on Google when they are looking for dental results? These statistics show how greatly SEO can benefit dentists. Let’s have a peek into more pointers on why SEO acts as the backbone of online marketing:

Acts as a Primary Source of Trust 

Most people look for only the top five pages of search engines while looking for dental treatment information because Google displays those results based only on the top-rated dental website that is popular, trustworthy and credible too.

Helps in Driving More Traffic 

The increase in the traffic to the websites has a direct impact on the number of patients coming to the dental clinic. SEO has some amazing strategies for reaching patients who are looking for a location-specified dental appointment. When there is more traffic on a well-built website it will automatically generate quality-based leads that turn into conversions and result in more incoming patients to the dental clinic.

The basis for Best Website Experience for the User

The success of a website depends on how well it is received by the browsers and a lot of aspects are to be considered that are handled by SEO techniques to improve the SEO ranking. So the user experience catches more of the attention of the people and it can be achieved by some of the factors such as:

  • Quick loading time for the webpage
  • Designed to be mobile-friendly
  • Appropriate inclusion of headings and sub-headings
  • Compelling original content too
  • Effortless navigation through the site

Standing Out from the Competitors 

The Internet is a hugely competitive and crowded place filled with so many websites waiting for their opportunity to be ranked well and you have to be updated about SEO techniques are very crucial to be tougher among the other competitive dental websites.

Steps for Dental Website SEO Optimization

There are a few important steps by SEO that will optimize your dental website very efficiently and also effectively. Here are the steps to be implemented:

Step 1Building a Site on WordPress

WordPress sites are highly flexible and feasible on both desktop and mobile phones. Hence, most dental websites are built on WordPress only. Some of the important aspects of SEO to be focused on the website’s backend are:

  • URLs
  • Page load timing
  • Descriptions and Meta titles
  • Proper sizing of image and video files
  • Should not have any broken links

Step 2Beautifully Designed Website

A beautifully designed website gives the best user experience that displays good knowledge about the dental industry and also well-utilized SEO in the background. Some of the tactics that make the website beautiful and well-organized are:

  • It should be mobile-friendly
  • Easy navigation throughout the website
  • Fast loading of pages

Step 3Ensuring the Presence of the Trio

The trio that we are talking about for SEO is original content that is optimized with good keywords and is compelling too.

These are like supportive pillars for building a good website.

Original Content – If the content is copied and pasted it can be penalized under plagiarism. Writing original content with the uniqueness of your tone and voice is very important.

Good Keywords – The inclusion of good keywords in the content and optimizing them on each page of the website is very important and it should be included in the headings too.

Compelling – The content should be patient-oriented that addresses dental problems, answers the most common dental questions and a peek into the treatment procedures involved will give more clarity to the patients about the dental information provided.

Step 4Creating a Brand Value

  • Some of the factors that create good brand value are:
  • Uniqueness in the treatment techniques
  • Log of the website
  • Colors used in the website
  • Materials used for marketing
  • Typography

A good dental website and updated SEO strategies lead to displaying qualitative treatments and generating good reviews too.


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