7 Essential Features for Dental Website Design and Marketing

Why Is Dental Website Marketing Important?

Attracting new patients to the dental clinic very often is quite challenging since just word-of-mouth may not help increase the number of patients. Since online dental website marketing is hugely trending in the current scenario making the best use of it will be very beneficial to dental practices.

On creating a webpage for your dental services if you still have an issue in attracting new patients then it reflects the fact that the website needs a proper revamping with new design and proper placement of the pages that make the website both appealing and professional too for driving more business into the dental office.

Knowing the fact that the dental industry is so huge and many competitors rise in this brutal competition daily, optimizing the website will automatically generate more traffic to the website converting into higher revenue for the dental business.

Some of the reasons to enhance the website design and marketing techniques are:

  • To attract new patients
  • To retain the current patients
  • Enhances the visibility
  • Increases the brand value
  • More popularity and recognition

Essential Features for Dental Website Design and Marketing

Creating a lasting impression on the browsers takes a lot of effort since the trend keeps updating so often that the website appearance makes a huge impact on the readers to decide whether to proceed further exploration of the website or stop with the first page itself and that ends their thought of associating with the dentistry too. Ruining the first impression is something that you shouldn’t risk.

A good dental website is equal to a virtual dental office that has to be as good and well-equipped as a real dental office. The virtual dental office portrays your specializations and the skills upgraded and achieved along with the best available treatment facilities for many dental issues. So the patients understand the available facilities and the benefits they can achieve with the quality of dental treatments by just browsing through the website. So let’s have a look at some essential page features that are necessary for dental website design and marketing:

Home Page – This page displays excellently the overview of your dental practice’s services offered and provides valid reasons why the patients should look forward to booking an appointment with your dental office. Effortless navigation through the home page is what the users expect.

About Us Page – This page deals with the complete information about the dentist, dental team and also dental office. Making it a generic information board will not help in increasing the website traffic. You have to mention what makes you unique from your fellow competitors to attract more patients.

The digital marketing team has to get complete information about your dental expertise and the successful treatment stories that can be added as a glimpse on this page. If you are new to the dental business, you may focus more on your educational achievements and qualification details about any specializations.

Location Page – This page consists of the dental practice location information in the form of Google maps. This helps the patients to check the distance of the clinic from their residential location. This location page saves a lot of time since it helps in easy navigation to the dental office. If your clinics are located in multiple locations then add those locations too.

On this page, some more add-ons to be mentioned are the timings of the clinic on all days of the week and also add a clickable phone number that can be used by the patients to make a call directly to the dental practice to book appointments and also clear their further queries.

Reviews Page – This is one such page that can never go unnoticed by any reader since they will be curious to know what the patients have benefited from the dental services. The reviews page can be included with testimonials in the form of videos and photos and also text reviews. This page is a bridge between the dentist and the prospective patients since the trust factor is highlighted with the reviews that assure the patients to go ahead with the dental visit.

Service and Blogs Page – There will be many dental treatments that can be given by the dentist and a detailed write-up about the services will be helpful to the patients to be prepared for the treatment and focus on post-treatment care too. Dedicated pages for each service are very important that are arranged according to the specializations making it an easy search for the users.

Blogs are the pages that have the details of oral health and updating the blog section with new information increases website traffic since many will not have detailed knowledge about dentistry issues. Using the right keywords and enhancing the browsing experience will also boost the rankings of the website.

Appointment Page – Online booking facility is the current trend in the dental industry that reduces the waiting time for appointment booking over the phone. A dedicated organized appointment page shows that you are upgraded with the current trend and also enhances the patient experience.

Payment Page – The acceptable payment method is mentioned on this page and also the available insurance options are mentioned that can be helpful to the patients in planning the expenses of the dental treatments. Ensure that proper payment methods and insurance types and their details are mentioned on this page clearly to avoid any confusion that leads to multiple phone calls to the dental office.

Having a great website with easy navigation is highly beneficial in attracting patients towards the dental office and also helps to spread positive reviews about the dental practice.


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