Top Ideas for targeted social media marketing for dentists

In today’s age with the rise in technology, social media marketing has taken the center stage in the success of brands and businesses alike. Traditional marketing strategies have taken a backseat and have given way to new marketing plans that rely on digital marketing to get the job done effectively.

Social media marketing is considered as one of the most effective ways to attract and retain new patients in the United States. It allows you to connect and engage with a large audience, showcase your expertise and actively promote your practice.

It helps you attract new patients, who will keep coming back, bring their kids with them, tell their neighbors about your dental practice, and who will share your posts on social media. In this article, we have discussed the top ideas for targeted social media marketing for dentists.

Top tips on targeted social media marketing for dentists

We have discussed ideas you can use as a dentist to harness the power of social media.

  • Use Facebook as a marketing tool

Facebook is the go to place for online marketing. Boasting a huge number of active users, this is the perfect platform to promote your dental practice on. It is simple and easy to use and it gives you plenty of opportunities to build awareness surrounding your dental practice. You can use your Facebook page to directly interact with your patients, and share valuable information making you well known and respected by potential patients.

  • Use Instagram as a marketing tool

There are more than 150 million users on Instagram in the United States and this photo sharing app is fast becoming the next big thing in digital marketing. Integral in the plans of most digital marketers this platform allows you to connect with potential patients, giving you a window of opportunity to showcase your dental expertise.  You can also request your patients to post before and after pictures of their pearly white teeth and tag your dental office in the process garnering you more patients in a short time.

  • Write quality and engaging content

With the availability of all these platforms if you don’t post engaging content then it is an effort well wasted. Good marketing begins with good content and it must be compelling, engaging, and informative. You can apply the 80/20 rule here, where 80% of your posts should be useful and should provide value while 20% of them should promote your dental office directly. 

  • Share valuable information regarding your dental team

A great way to gain trust online and build loyalty is by giving your dental practice a human touch. This can be done by posting pictures of your dental staff and shed light on their professional careers. Using this simple technique you can put the spotlight on your dental practice and engage with your audience on a better level.

Use social media to post about your dental team, show off their abilities and allow people to see your dental office. This helps in building authentic trust between you and your current as well as potential patients.

  • Videos are the future of digital marketing

Videos are the future. They provide an engaging glimpse of your dental office and the viewers always relate better to it. Go viral with videos and maximize the views by posting them at times when your audience is most likely to see them and share them. This also means producing videos that are short, to the point, and create an impact. 

  • Leverage Social Media location features

Many people like to support their local community healthcare clinics and this includes dental clinics as well. One of the main advantages of social media marketing is it gives ample opportunity to target the patients residing in your vicinity.

So, you can customize your ads to target people specifically living in your area. For Eg: If you are a dentist in New York City you can optimize your ads with keywords like ‘Dentist New York City’ or ‘New York City’ dental veneers to reach local audiences.

  • Be consistent

To be successful on social media, consistency is the key. Have a timetable and stick to it when it comes to posting valuable content regularly. Your consistency will lead to loyalty among your followers and provides you with a venue to engage and interact with your potential customers.

  • Have an integrated approach

Have an integrated approach especially when you are posting on different social media platforms regularly. Have the same message on all your platforms and never contradict yourself online as this will question your credibility. 

Combine the content and ideas on various social media platforms to have an integrated approach that will give you exponential results. 


Social media marketing has opened many opportunities to promote your dental practice and spread awareness at the same time. If harnessed well it is a great platform to build a community of loyal followers. If you are looking to increase your rate of patient retention then don’t give social media channels a miss. 

But producing quality content and posting it regularly is easier said than done. At Helenzys Dent we take care of all your social media marketing needs by designing effective plans that will engage your current and potential patients well by providing them value. So, if you want to have high patient retention then contact us at the earliest.


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