Top 8 Best Practices of Dental Online Marketing Services

Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Do you want to attract new patients to your dental practice? Digital marketing is the key ingredient to having a successful dental marketing strategy that directly impacts your revenue by attracting new patients to your dental office.

As we move more into the digital age and the age of smartphones you will realize search engines like Google have replaced old concepts of marketing like the Yellow Pages and now the internet with its growing online communities has taken the center stage.

Having a robust online presence is mandatory if you want to attract potential patients to your dental practice. In this article, we discuss the top practice of dental online marketing services that will certainly boost your online presence.

The top 8 best practices of Dental Online Marketing services

We have discussed the top 8 best practices  that will make every dollar you allocate towards your digital marketing budget count:

    • Local SEO

      It is exactly like what it sounds. Optimizing your dental website and online ads so that you appeal to prospective patients within your vicinity. Local SEO is considered the backbone of digital marketing for dental offices. This is because most people like to shop locally, hence emphasizing the intangible local element in your digital marketing. Branding yourself as a friendly local dental practice will help you gain people’s trust

    • Business Directories, Listings, and Maps

      Make sure your dental office is listed in online business directories and mapping services. Google Maps is the king of online business directories and nearly 70% of smartphone users use Google Maps regularly. 

    • Social Media Channels

      Creating accounts of your dental practice on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and so forth helps you engage with your followers better turning them into actual patients. Your Facebook business page can be used to list your hours of operation, your address, and the dental services you are offering. This makes it easy to list your clinic locally. Start small and slowly build your social media presence. 

    • Produce high quality content

      Be consistent in producing well written custom content belonging to the dental niche in the form of blogs, online articles, as well as dental newsletters. This can position you as a dental expert in your community giving you a lot of credibility, which in turn increases the trust your patients will have. Long form content should not only promote your services but it should also provide valuable information to your patients and followers.

    • Use Video

      After Google, YouTube is where most people conduct their online searches. An estimated 3 billion searches per month happen on this platform. You can harness the power of this social media channel by posting short content that is both informative and entertaining. Also, post informative videos with a homely touch on your website so that people can come to know about your dental services better.

    • Have a mobile compatible website

      Have a website that is optimized for mobile searches. Most people own smartphones and conduct all their online search on their phones instead of a computer. Ensure you provide the same features your desktop website has on the mobile version as well. This way you can ensure seamless interaction and communication with potential patients. You can also use call tracking and scoring to get some real insights on the number of appointments booked.

    • Display Advertising

      These are ads in visual forms. They usually consist of eye-catching pictures, a brief catchphrase, and a call to action. There is always a business logo nestled in the corner of the ad. Display ads are a great way to show the friendly side of your dental practice and staff. As a picture is worth a thousand words, use display ads to cultivate trust with your current and potential patients.

    • Flaunt your patients’ testimonials

      A wonderful way to cultivate trust is by displaying patient testimonials on your website and your social media channels. This way you can encourage new patients to visit you. 

These 8 best practices will make your online presence strong and encourage more people to follow your dental office. 

Final Thoughts

In this era of the digital age, Google and other search engines have replaced traditional marketing methods effectively and word of mouth has taken a new form. As more and more people spend time on the internet thanks to their smartphones and computers the more the online presence of your dental practice matters.

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