How to identify the best SEO company for dentists?

Did you know nearly 80% of the adults in the US look for dental services online on their phones? 71% of patients would rather read the reviews posted online than rely on the opinion of a dentist. These statistics make SEO (Search engine optimization) for dentists more important than ever.

Dental SEO optimizes a dentist’s website for search engines to increase the site’s visibility on search results of Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Optimization can make the website of your dental practice mobile friendly, faster, and more useful to your current and potential patients.

All this directly translates into revenue for your dental practice, as only when more people visit your website, will they know more about your practice and will book an appointment with your dental office. Search engines have effectively replaced the yellow pages and are efficient marketing tools for your dental practice.

All this makes hiring the best SEO company for dentists imperative. In this article, we discuss the features of the best SEO company for dentists.

How can the best SEO company for dentists help your dental practice grow?

Most people assume that SEO practices are uniform across all industries ranging from retail to healthcare. However, this is far from the truth. Dental SEO cannot be properly optimized with a one size fits all approach. 

SEO is an ever evolving field and only a dental SEO company can help you rank high on the search engine results page and drive the right traffic to your website. That’s not all they would also know how to effectively:

  • Navigate through industry regulations and comply with patient privacy practices 
  • Improve your dental SEO ranking giving you a competitive edge over your fellow dentists
  • Create and publish dental content that will engage and inform your current and prospective patients
  • Understand the unique demographics of your dental practice and attract potential patients by executing local SEO strategies.

In the next section, we have discussed the features that most good dental SEO companies have in common.

The common features of the best dental SEO company

SEO strategies for dental practices should be long term and should have elements that help your website enjoy an inflow of quality traffic that brings in consistent new patient appointments. We have listed some of the services the best dental SEO company provides:

  • Website Auditing: SEO experts review your website thoroughly and identify pages that can boost your rankings and get it to the top of the SERPs. They also focus on removing all the errors on the pages so that your patients can enjoy a seamless browser experience and Google can crawl your website easily.
  • Keyword Research and strategy: The dental digital marketing company carries out comprehensive keyword analysis to identify keywords relevant to your practice and also analyze the types of queries and questions prospective patients ask on the web and ensure that your website features the best content answering their queries optimally.
  • Local SEO: Patients are unlikely to travel far to receive the needed dental treatment. Hence any dental digital marketing company focuses on attracting potential patients within a five mile radius of your dental practice. They would list your dental office in industry related directories, review sites, Google Maps, Google My Business Page, and other relevant online directories.
  • Monitoring reviews and Ratings: Getting online reviews for your dental office is a priority as it impacts your SEO rankings significantly. SEO experts will integrate the positive reviews into your website as testimonials to establish a strong trust online.
  • On page optimization: The SEO experts shall optimize all the essential pages of your dental website and include all critical signals to help your page rank higher. They may also work on Conversion rate Optimization (CRO) recommendations that shall increase your website’s conversion rates. 
  • Backlink Analysis: The dental digital marketing company will thoroughly analyze the backlinks to your website and remove any backlinks that are suspicious, harmful, and might be harming your search engine ranking. 
  • Directory Auditing: SEO experts of a digital dental marketing company shall review current directory listings to ensure that they are optimized effectively and meet the local SEO requirements of Google. 
  • Link Building: Link building is a vital aspect of improving the ranking of your website. They usually have a diversified link building approach to help your website acquire links from high authority websites.

The SEO company will have many strategies under their belt and their services can certainly help improve the ranking of your dental office. They will not stop at providing only SEO services; they will also engage your social media channels effectively and develop quality content.


As most adults use search engines to find the best dental office near them to book consultations it makes sense to have strong SEO strategies that rank your dental practice high on search engine ranking page. But this is easier said than done as the dental industry is a specialized niche and only digital marketing companies operating in this space will be able to provide the best service.

Helenzys Dent is an exclusive dental digital marketing company that specializes in providing top SEO services in the dental niche. So, if you want your dental practice to grow and attract new patients throughout the year then contact us at the earliest and get that desired competitive edge over your peers.

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