Google Vs Facebook Advertising: Which Is Best for Your Dental Practice?

What is Google Advertising?

The advertising for the business can be done on Google in both free and paid formats.

In the free ads, the Google algorithm helps your dental website to be searchable on the search engine when a set of good keywords are listed by the dental website that is recognised by the search engine when the patient uses the same keyword for dental search.

In paid ads, Google shows your website on the first page of the search engine when the relevant keyword is typed by the patient. Since it involves cost, you need to keep track of it and ensure that conversions are made.

What is Facebook Advertising?

Until 2017, Facebook allowed businesses to promote their content for free. However, in 2018, it announced that it will not promote any organic marketing anymore which limited Facebook marketing to display ads only to a limited number of people. However, Facebook encourages engaging content in the form of live videos or stories or even images of before and after treatments that catches the attention of the viewers and also promote the website.

In the paid format, Facebook allows you to create ads for users with specific targets who would be interested in your services. Ads targeting a specific age, gender and location can be created on Facebook making it advantageous to reach such targets.

Facebook Ads Manager eases the task of target marketing that adds value to the advertising and hits the right target increasing the number of clicks.

How to Use Google and Facebook Ads for Advertising Dental Practice?

The primary purpose of marketing strategies is to understand the buyers’ perspective and make them the prospective clientele. To achieve this, we can use both Google and Facebook Ads as and when the situation demands and can also switch between these two apps to get the required results.

To begin with, the ads are created to give brand recognition to the dental practices and since the patients will look for the required information, a compelling ad can be created with the Facebook Ads. The banners displayed in Facebook Ads will create curiosity in the readers.

There are all possible chances that the ads may not be clicked by the reader and may conduct research with the given keywords in the banner. Google will be the search engine used for the keywords-based search. It is at this point that Google Ads will be beneficial. Posting Google Ads that are target-based reaches the right audience and there is a possibility that a potential patient will go through the details in the ads and research the dental clinic to book an appointment.

Not all the clicks can lead to conversions but since now there is a list of people who have visited the dental website, there is an option to conduct remarketing campaigns by creating new ads on Facebook Ads and providing discounts or promotional offers that are attractive and reasonable enough to attract the potential patients.

Facebook and Google Ads are potential partners who combine to form the best dental digital marketing strategies to make more conversions from the leads.

Google Vs Facebook Advertising 

 There are a few techniques that Google and Facebook use as a part of their advertising strategy and they differ from each other in the following ways:

Pay-Per-Click Advertising 

Google Ads– They are primarily based on keywords and whoever bids a higher price for the keywords, their website ads will show up at the top of the page of the paid section of Google Ads

Facebook Ads – In this, the Facebook Ads Manager page helps in creating ads and instead of bidding there will be simple procedures which help in making an ad, scheduling a budget for it, planning Ad campaigns and also target the audience group to which the ads need to reach,

Marketing Techniques 

Google Ads – Here Pull Marketing technique is used. This is a technique which helps searchers who are trying to search for specific dental services who are intending to find service and not just a casual search. This creates an urgency to provide results to find specific answers to the search.

Facebook Ads – Here Push Marketing technique is used and targets the app users who may not be intending to look for dental services but the advertisements will still be displayed that have specific keywords added to ensure that keywords search match the content of the ad.


Google Ads – If you are a dentist with a limited budget for marketing purposes then Paid Google Ads to have the best options that reach the potential patients directly who are in immediate need of dental services.

Facebook Ads – This is beneficial for dentists who want to run promotional campaigns and content to look for prospective patients to promote the dental business.

There is nothing better than having unique platforms for social media marketing for dental services that have their unique ways of promoting the business. Though there are factors that can be compared, Google Ads and Facebook Ads both are equally good and there is no comparison on which one is better since both will help you promote your dental business with unique advertising ideas.


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