All You Need to Know About Google Adwords for Dentists

All You Need to Know About Google Adwords for Dentists

What Are Google Ads for Dentists? 

Google Ads acts as a marketing tool for the dentist that assists in generating more inflow of patients through a steady flow of ads that are value-based for the patients looking for different treatments such as porcelain veneers, dental implants, braces, dental cleanup and even dental surgery procedures. Google is a powerful and huge network that displays your dental ads in Google search, maps and also in the other networking sites of Google.

If you are a dental practitioner you may be wondering how Google ads can generate more leads for your dental clinic. To be precise, your presence in this huge world of dentistry that consists of many dental practitioners who are equally eligible in their techniques, pieces of equipment and expertise, what makes you be seen as a unique asset by your local patients is the “Visibility of your website”. So make a difference by choosing Google Ads to increase your patients’ inflow.

Why Choose Google for Dental Ads?

Google is one of the most used search engines by billions of people attracting annually trillions of online users who look for various information from different genres. With a such huge following, shouldn’t that be your obvious choice as a dentist to promote your dental business on a larger scale?

The PPC system (Pay Per Click) by Google Ads makes you pay only when the ad is clicked makes it more cost-effective rather than shelling out more money on other conventional advertising methods and also lets you keep track regularly of how much money is spent for advertising through ads.

The number of clicks judges the ranking of the websites and 40%-45% of the clicks on Google are shared by the Google ads that make paid ads to the top three spots in the search results of Google.

This effectively increases the visibility of the dental websites and also reaches more people who can be the future clientele too.

How Does Google Display Ads for Dentists?

Google ads being the most effective ads displaying platform displays your dental ads in the form of images or videos, only text or in all 3 forms depending on your advertising needs.

Having a strong subject line is what Google ads focus on. Words used such as “Best dentist” or “Top rated dentist” can be used to make the potential patient click on the ad for further details.

On clicking the ad, there will be CTAs (Call To Action) that display the site link extension that has details about contact details and appointment booking details that will lead directly to the website.

Sitelink extensions play a major role in Google ads that automatically increases the leads to the website.

Factors by Google That Determine Ads Quality 

Good Content 

SEO-optimized content is a blessing for dental practitioners to differentiate themselves from the rest of the brands. So ensure those good keywords and presenting yourself with more information make your ads stand out from others. Mention reasons for why choosing you will be best and also mention the recommendations and recognitions achieved by you so far.

Apt Keywords

Keywords are the primary reason why many get good rankings in this huge world of dentistry. Use the most important related keywords that are suitable for your professional experience and specializations. Some of the common keywords that get more recognition in the dentistry field are:

  • Dental Clinic
  • Dentist
  • Emergency Dentist
  • Cosmetic Dentist
  • Walk-in Dentist
  • Family Dentist

Selection of Cities 

Advertising in different regions by mentioning their locations and zip codes are highly beneficial with proper research done about the places where the potential patients can reach the dental clinic location.

Budget of the Ad Campaign

Google is highly beneficial in terms of cost since it lets you decide the number of dental ads to be placed for the number of days and also the number of clicks that can be achieved with the budget you as a dentist would like to invest in.

Advanced Research for Keywords

Google helps you regularly review your ads which helps in keeping you updated with the new keywords that can help in advanced search mode and also delete the outdated keywords.

Keyword Planner Tool by Google Ads

Another feather on the cap that is added by Google Ads is, it lets you choose the keywords that are apt for your Google ads that are gotten by a well-researched list of the keywords.

So go ahead and choose the keywords you would like to add in your dental ads that are based on high search volume, and competing levels and also has lower cost fixed per click.

Avoid Negative Keywords

Along with choosing the right keywords, it is important to do a thorough check on the keywords that can create a negative impact on the readers or can also lead to misinformation.

Know Your Target Audience

Having a potential clientele for the longer term will be based on understanding the needs of the patients. The services they are looking for, the location of the clinic, the demography and also the average income of the patients of that particular locality matter a lot to know the target audience. The adds placement on Google should be done only after considering all these audience factors.

Analysis of Competitors

Google search will help you analyze the keywords used by competitors and by going through different dental profiles you can come up with creative ideas to form ad content that doesn’t risk your value and would also attract more patients.

Google Ads are the best way possible for dental practitioners to generate value-based traffic and enhance conversions boosting the popularity and also the business.


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