Revolutionize Your Dental Practice Website Design With These Easy-peasy Tips

The internet is a huge place and there are a lot of dental websites available. To stand out from the crowd and attract patients you need a website that works for you. Having a dental website is no longer a luxury, but it is a necessary part of the marketing mix.

If you want to be found online then you need to have an aesthetically pleasing, lightning fast website that gives people what they want. And to get there you need to have a strategy in place. So, how do you make your website stand out from the competition? 

By following these simple tips that we have provided in this article.

Must have Dental Practice Website Design Features

We have listed the features that will skyrocket your dental website in the search ranking of search engines.

  • User Friendly, intuitive navigation

Your dental website needs to be easy to use and simple to navigate. Users should find information quickly on your site and shouldn’t have to dig for it. It should have shortcuts to important information which your patients can find quickly.

  • Consistent Look

Have the same theme running across your website. Your website should feature the same colors, fonts, and layout style. Have your logo prominently available on your website. It acts as a good source of marketing. Use colors that lend a professional look to your dental practice.

  • Ensure all hyperlinks are working

This is very important. You don’t want your potential patients thinking your website is not working by smacking into the 404 error page. Audit your website and remove the hyperlinks that are no longer relevant to your dental practice. Make sure all your hyperlinks are functioning and everything is running smoothly. This way your potential patients will trust and can book dental appointments on your website. 

  • Have a limited number of images and photos

Many dentists overlook this fact and unnecessarily load their website with many pictures and photos. This leads to an increase in the loading time of the dental website, slowing it down considerably. It will also use more data from mobile viewers. As they say content is king, it is the quality of the content that will help you attract and retain new patients.

  • Include a clear menu

A clear menu makes for easy navigation of the website. Have a drop down menu that groups your content making site navigation as easy as possible. This also has the added advantage of preventing site visitors from getting lost.

  • Include an About Us page and the Meet the Dentist Page

Experience and trust are the foundations in healthcare and a dental service sits firmly within the domain of healthcare. You need your potential patients to trust you and this can be achieved by having an About Us page or Meet the Dentist page.

The About Us page is the second most visited web page aside from the homepage. On this page, you can communicate your values and your brand story clearly. The patients should be able to see your credentials, and your experience to be able to trust you.

  • Have a homepage link on all web pages

It is easy to get lost while navigating any site. Having homepage links conveniently placed on all web pages makes it easy for anyone to return to the homepage without any hassle.

  • Create a blog where you discuss dental topics

The hallmark of any good dental website design is its blog section. This is the place where you can showcase your expertise as a dentist by discussing relevant topics on dentistry and by providing insights to your readers. Giving your professional opinion on the latest dental products and services is a great way of showing your dental expertise. 

Having a blog on your website is also a good SEO strategy because it helps you rank your website high in Google searches when someone searches for related keywords or phrases related to dentistry.

  • Create calls to action

It is not enough if you get people to just click on your website and land on the homepage. There also needs to be ‘calls to action’. For Eg: If you have a blog on teeth whitening then include a button that says “Request Teeth whitening treatment” or “Find out more about teeth Whitening” Make it easy for viewers and visitors to contact your dental office  to get more information on the services you offer.

These steps will help you streamline your dental website making the experience of using your website all the more better for your patients and visitors.


Having a great dental website is the first step in creating a strong online presence. A website is fundamental and your patients will expect to see your dental practice online in the form of a website. With a good website effective dental digital marketing strategies can be used to increase and retain your patients for good.

If you do not know how to revamp your website for the better then get in touch with us. We are Helenzys Dent, an exclusive dental digital marketing company providing time tested digital marketing strategies that will help you build and create a strong online presence. So, if you want a well designed website that provides a great user experience then contact us at the earliest.


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